Jan. 1st, 2015

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So. Yuletide. I actually wrote things!

I was assigned to [personal profile] skieswideopen this year, and we matched on Intelligence, which made me absolutely gleeful. Guys, I loved this show so much. Mostly because Meghan Ory and Josh Holloway had the most amazing chemistry ever, but also because the other characters were great and it was a lot of tropey fun, too. I basically wanted to write all the fic for this request, but I held myself back to two. ;)

Mom Knows Best. Intelligence, Gabriel Vaughn/Riley Neal, Mature. After dinner.

AKA the one where I get them to make out. (Ugh. CBS. Why did you not let me see them make out? I neeeeeeed it.) I really loved writing this. Mary Vaughn (Gabriel's mother) was just a riot inside my head, and I hope she came across on the page. Also, did I mention the making out? Because mmmm, pretty.

I Carved a Block of Wood. Intelligence, Gabriel Vaughn and Shen Cassidy. Gabriel shows up at Shen's house for a talk.

This one is set right before the start of the series. I wanted to explore Gabriel and Shen's father - son relationship just a bit more, and this popped out a couple days before Christmas. It surprised me a little, because I hadn't spent that much time thinking about these two beforehand. I guess you could say this was a story that deepened my own understanding of the characters. :)

And then I wrote treats! Not nearly as many as I wanted to, but I'm actually very pleased with what I did get done. I actually wanted to fill all the Longmire requests, because I love them so. Once I sat down to write, though, I realized I was a bit intimidated by the setting, the fact that I didn't have time to canon review, Craig Johnson's books, and the other writers in the fandom. /o\ I did manage one story, though.

Closing Time. Longmire, Cady Longmire/Henry Standing Bear. After he gets back to the Red Pony, Cady and Henry finally have a chance to talk about some things.

This is set immediately after the Season 3 finale. I hadn't really considered Cady/Henry as a pairing before I started reading some of the request letters, but you know I have a pull towards cross-gen. This is barely a snippet, written last minute for [personal profile] subjunctive, who wanted something that focused a bit on the 'omgthisisdirtybadwrong' feelings. I don't think that actually came through as much as I intended it to, though, and it turned out kind of shmoopy.

A Recipe for a Successful Relationship (In Five Not-So-Easy Steps). The Rundown, Beck/Travis. (Warning for references to past child abuse and the recovery process.) Life is good for Beck and Travis - except when Travis insists on pushing all of Beck's buttons. Almost like he *wants* Beck to hit him. And that's just not going to happen.

I love this movie so much, and I'm sad that fandom never latched onto this pairing. I didn't find [personal profile] an_sceal's request until a few days before the deadline, but I wanted to try to write something for her anyway. She was interested in something dealing with the issues that remained between them, and touched on how Travis's dad had clearly hit him more than once in the past. So I tried to write some snippets that focused on the progression of their relationship, of Travis trying to figure out where the line was with Beck and how to channel his anger, and Beck slowly figuring out what was going on.

And then I threw in some recipes, because why the hell not? :D

And then, finally, the one I posted four minutes before the archive closed:

Don't Piss Me Off. Teen Wolf RPF, JR Bourne/Tyler Hoechlin, Explicit, Watersports. JR and Tyler after a con, getting silly and sexy with each other.

Yeah, so I've totally developed a thing for JR/Hoechlin. So much sexy, nnnngh. [profile] black_piano_keys asked for some kinky combination of JR, Hoechlin, and Dylan, and, well, I don't really need that much encouragement if I know somebody's willing to read.

And there you have it. Five stories, my most productive Yuletide yet. (For my least productive year since I started writing.) Yay!
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Last year was not a particularly productive year for me, writing-wise. A lot of that was because I decided fairly early on to concentrate on art, which is a decision I don't regret at all. I need to do even more with my art this year, but I also want to continue on with the writing momentum that came from Yuletide.

Luckily enough, [profile] ladycat777 and [personal profile] trobadora are doing an informal "write every day in January"...thing...that I've decided to tag along on. ('Thing.' I can already tell there are going to be some glorious pieces of prose coming out of this writing...thing.)


Another big reason that I didn't produce much last year is because I had very little focus. I *did* write. I just didn't finish anything until the end-of-year exchanges because I was constantly zipping between projects. So. I need to prioritize.

  1. Fandom stocking ficlets. I've already done some non-fannish fills, but I really need to do at least some ficlets before they open in a few days. Meep!

  2. [community profile] romancingmcshep fic. The one I was supposed to post last year, meep! This is all plotted out, but it has a lot of words left to put in.

  3. The Criminal Minds/Anita Blake fusion series. I finished the rough draft of the first one, and I worked out all of the changes I need to make, but I need to actually finish editing it. I have most of a draft of the second story. And, yeah. Lots more work to do.

  4. Everything else. Lots of random projects that I'd really like to finish up, even though there's not much of an audience for any of them. Including:

    • Criminal Minds - Hotch/Madame Bouvier

    • Criminal Minds - Rossi/Prentiss in London

    • Longmire - Walt/Vic making out

    • Intelligence - Jameson/Riley/Gabriel sexin' thing

    • Criminal Minds - Hotch/Blackwolf

    • Teen Wolf - Chris/Lydia

    • Teen Wolf - Allison/Stiles/Lydia

And no, I'm not trying to get that all done in January, lol. But if you catch me whining about one of those bottom stories, you can kick me in the ass for skipping ahead on the list. :D

*cracks knuckles* Okay, here we go!


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