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So we're up to the second check-in for the Extreme Big Bang, which involved sending the mods a 500-word summary of the story. (Or stories, in my case.) Thought I'd post that here, because reasons.

(I've decided that trying to get three of them done is all that's feasible for the deadline, but I'm posting the first four summaries.)


Story one: We're introduced to a world (the Anita Blake universe, created by Laurell K. Hamilton) where vampires and shapeshifters are very real—and a very real part of society. Just because they walk among 'normal' humans, however, doesn't mean things always go smoothly.

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, a new member of the FBI's Preternatural Crimes Unit, becomes deeply drawn into a case involving murdered shapeshifters in the Baltimore-DC area. Her boss and mentor, Supervisory Special Agent Katie Cole, assigns her to meet with the Master of the City, the thousand-year-old master vampire Gideon. The encounter doesn't go well, though he does assign his second-in-command, the master vampire Hotch, to work with JJ to provide the answers the FBI needs. Trust waxes and wanes between them. Then, while JJ and her fellow PCU team member Derek Morgan are out patrolling the city, they find themselves in a middle of an attack that leaves Hotch and yet another shapeshifter near death. Secrets are revealed, the team figures out who—and more importantly, what—is behind the attacks, and they finally confront the killer.

It should be just another case on the PCU's roster, but though they don't realize it yet, it's life-changing for just about everyone involved.

Stories two, three, and four--somewhat spoilery for story one )
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P.: 31521
JJ: 21179


Had a great writing start to the day yesterday, and then pretty much took a mental vacation after that. Not necessarily a bad thing. Must recharge the batteries once and a while.

Also, I've reached the end of what I had drafted in my notebook for JJ. Still have some plotting notes, but all the additional scenes I thought I had sketched out were apparently just in my head. (Awesome. Good going, past Michelle.) So, the fun times have come to an end. From here on out, actual brainage is required. Alas!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this, but I signed up for the [community profile] intoabar challenge. In which you give them one character you want to write as well as up to four different fandoms, and they give you the second character from one of those fandoms. You write a story in which Character A walks into a bar (or bar equivalent) and meets Character B.

I gave them JJ Jareau and got...Stiles Stilinski! It's like they know me or something! I have the "well duh this is how it happens" set up in mind, though I'm not sure if I'll try to go for something a little more out there instead. But this should be a fun little thing to work on after I get some of these big stories done.

...the emphasis on 'little'. Man. I once knew how to write short. I've gotta figure out how to do that again.
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P.: 30472
JJ: 20853


Yeah, still not done with P. Need to focus on just doing it, not letting myself get distracted by the emo in my head. Not helpful.

And in the fusion news, have just passed through a section that is a bunch of internal action stuff. Like, magic foo foo inside the character's head. I personally enjoyed it, but am fairly sure it will be boring to the reader. But since this is being written for me, eh, why worry about it? Don't know, will see at later point in time when I'm finished and do a reread.

I sort of want to skip ahead about four 'books' in what I've got planned out and write my favorite pair getting together.

(This, like the Anita Blake books that inspired it, will have a number of different pairings eventually. Though not nearly as many sex scenes. Because none of my characters are going to have the 'ardeur'. Also because no.)
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JJ: 15884


Those words really feel like a cheat, because I've been working from last summer's rough draft even more than usual lately. I still have to do major tweaking as I go along, but it's a lot easier & faster than if I was trying to pull words straight from the ether.

Oh, well. Easy isn't a bad thing, right?

I just finished a section which, after the initial draft, I decided was too in your face. Made one of the characters seem like too much of a bad guy, and I needed to rework it, make it more subtle. Except then I got to it yesterday and I decided I liked it. I think I need that BOOM!scary moment to draw the reader in and to jumpstart the plot. So I went with what I originally wrote. So what if that character comes across badly? He's not *nice* in this story, and that's okay. I need to not be afraid of making characters not nice.
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JJ vampire hunter: 7730


Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, mental health-wise. Got myself worked up over the pet situation around here--we have no idea what we're going to do about the stray cat, for one, since we think he might not get along with the others, and if we do keep him, that means we probably won't be able to get the greyhound we were considering. And we went out to look at greyhounds yesterday, which was both good and stressful. (Super cute! Soft and sweet!)

Anyway. That wound me up, and then I was stressing about finishing Birthday boy (why is the final stretch of a story so much harder than any other part) so Aaron finally just said 'hey! work on something fun instead!'. Good advice, of course.

So I pulled out the Criminal Minds-Anita Blake fusion I started last summer, and got pretty close to doubling what I had in doc form. I actually tackled a section I'd been putting off because it involved creating some OCs and a bit of cop talk. I got one down, and he's fine, just your run of the mill move the plot along dude. And then I did another--and OMG, I'm in love with her! She's named Peaches, she runs a kitschy vampire-themed bar, and she blatantly flirts with my female FBI agents who come to interview her. She might just show up later in the story for fun. :D


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