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Hello! First of all, thank you so much for offering to write a story for me! I love these kind of exchanges, because I get all gleeful at the idea of writing a story for someone else. I hope that the experience can be good for you, too! I'm going to natter on here about what I do and don't like, but that's only because I know some people really like that kind of information. Please don't think I want a million word story written to my exact word-for-word specifications. If reading this letter is going to block you/annoy you/whatever, then hey, don't read this letter! I'm cool. ;)

First, let me jot down my requests again: Under here: )

So, some more specifics about the kinds of things that do it for me. I read everything from family-friendly gen to super-explicit sex, so don't worry about needing to write one or the other. And I enjoy super-short and super-long both, so no pressure either way. (You can look at my Bookmarks to get an idea of this.)

More specifics about what I like: Under here )

Things I don't enjoy: Under here )

Thank you! I hope that was helpful. Get the mods to poke me if something's confusing. I realize that sometimes I'm not the best at communicating what's inside my head. ;)

Oh! And one more thing that's just me babbling, mostly. While I'm usually 'eh' about most fanon, I do actually enjoy when 'John' is used as Sheriff Stilinski's first name. Almost entirely because then I can pretend he's secretly mind-wiped Johnny Cage, and any moment now he's gonna get his memories back and kick some serious ass. :D

(But you won't break my heart if you use a different name. Promise.)


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