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Every time I try to dip my toe into Sleepy Hollow fandom, either through Tumblr tags or most of the fic on AO3, I'm just repulsed by how much grossness there is out there. This happens every time I go look around a primarily het fandom, and it's just so frustrating. I mean, I get angry at primarily slash fandoms, too, but at least there's been some progress towards not villainizing most of the women.

I kind of want to go on more, but meh. Hopefully I'm preaching to the choir, anyway.

A few lovely (but short) stories I have found on AO3:

Shoulder by monimala. Jenny Mills/Frank Irving, 600 words, EXPLICIT. Jenny and Irving indulge in some car sex between Necromancer and Sanctuary. Very hot, great prose.

Don't Bother None by egelantier. Jenny Mills/Eliot Spencer (Leverage). This is two very short snippets--the first is the Jenny/Eliot, wherein they trade a few blows while going for the same artifact, and wind up trading a little bit more. The second snippet is a moment from Abbie and Jenny's childhood.

En Garde by ljs. Abbie Mills/Ichabod Crane-ish. Of swords, stories, and connections. Set after Necromancer, Abbie comes upon Ichabod trying to sharpen his dueling skills. Sweet, great voices.


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