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It's just come to my attention that the links to are broken. I'm going to go through and fix all the individual links in this post, but until then, all of my fic can be found on my AO3 account. Thank you. :)

American Idol RPF

Little Lamb, Lost in the Woods. Allison, Kris, and Adam friendship, 3600 words. Things at the Season 8 Idol reunion don't go exactly smoothly.

* Three In a Row, X's and O's. Katy/Kris/Adam, explicit, 7000 words. This is stupid. He's wandering around his own living room with dishpan hands, his attempts to make this evening some perfect romantic fantasy a failure already. Maybe he should have just gone with Barry White and enough candles to set off the smoke detector. AKA Adam has dinner with Kris and Katy.

Shield & Shelter. Kris & Adam friendship with subtext, 300 words. A moment after a slightly awkward interview with Ryan Seacrest.

EGBDF. Kris/Adam(/Katy), 1500 words, mild R. Kris tries to talk to Adam about something big--but things go a little wonky. In a good way.

American Idol in 600 Seconds (More or Less). Kris/Jim Cantiello, 1700 words, explicit. Jim gets a package in the mail. (Locked; join comm to see.)

Criminal Minds

Taxonomy. Hotch/John Blackwolf UST, 500 words. Hotch tries to sort this thing.

* The Same Place. Hotch/John Blackwolf, 5000 words, explicit. There is an old Apache saying: You can take many paths to get to the same place.

A Road, Long and Winding. Hotch/John Blackwolf, 14,000 words, explicit. Finalizing the divorce has left Hotch adrift and dangerously unfocused. When a case brings the BAU back to New Mexico, he finds himself thinking about an old acquaintance--and maybe, taking some time to sort out all the stuff in his head. Sequel to The Same Place.

Shutter Speed. Hotch/Blackwolf, 1400 words. Photography: the length of time a shutter is opened to expose film. (A slight detour from canon immediately after the season 4 finale, set in the above universe.)

Untitled JJ snippet. Slight Hotch/JJ implication, 300 words on chocolate and stress.

* In Times of Need. Hotch/JJ, 5000 words, explicit. An experience on a case has Hotch thinking things he shouldn't--and he's not the only one.

Way Back Into Love. Hotch/JJ, 11,000 words. Life is a series of choices and JJ's take her away from the BAU but right back to Hotch's door.

Man with a Mission. Hotch/JJ, 1500 words, explicit. JJ and Hotch are getting ready for a party--but they get a little delayed. Set in the same universe as Way Back Into Love, a few months down the road.

Fix. Rossi/Prentiss, 500 words. Emily feels her way around this thing at work.

But Jung Has His Merits. Rossi/Prentiss, 1300 words, explicit. Emily's mind can be a very interesting place.

Wrong Place, Right Time. Prentiss/Rossi, 1700 words. A stakeout in a bar doesn't go quite the way it was planned.

Truth Is Implied, Prentiss/Rossi, 7500 words, explicit. In which Emily is Evil, Garcia is a Goddess...and Dave might just be in over his head. AKA The Dare Fic.

Sometimes It's Gonna Rain, Prentiss/Rossi, 3200 words, explicit. It's been a week since the fight.

Path of the Night. Spencer Reid/Lila Archer, 2000 words, explicit. Lila visits D.C.

In the Forest of the Night. JJ/Reid, (JJ/Will), 2600 words, explicit. Some things sear too deep to ever fade away. JJ takes longer to heal than even she realizes.


A Hard Day's Night. Jack, imagined Jack/Eugenia, 600 words, explicit. Carter really hopes that mind-meld thing fades away soon.

Girl Stuff. Jo, Zoe, 200 words. Zoe takes the opportunity to ask some questions.

Just One of Those Things. Jack/Nathan, 750 words. Just another day in Eureka. *sigh*

* A Localized Effect. Jack/Dr. Hood, 3000 words. Jack gets invited out for an evening of quiet relaxation.

* Little Town of the Dead. Gen with some canon Nathan/Allison, 12,000 words. Eureka loves its holiday celebrations, but Halloween this year is turning out a little spookier than everyone expected.


Chronology. Mal/Simon, 700 words. Chronology: arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates and historical order of past events. Or: how Mal and Simon wound up together.

On the Mend. Mal/Simon, 800 words. Mal really doesn't like being banged up. Fortunately, Simon's pretty understanding.

Perspective. Mal/Simon UST, 1000 words. Set near the very end of Jaynestown, when Simon must have been tending to his wounds.

Various masturbation-themed ficlets. Inara, River, Jayne, Simon, 100-500 words, some are explicit.

Diurnal. Mal and Zoe gen. Nothing's really changed from day to day. It's just the nights that are different.

Negotiation. Mal and Kaylee gen-ish. Mal and Kaylee negotiate her place on the ship.

Picture Perfect. Mal/Simon UST, Mal/Inara UST, Simon/Inara UST, 300 words. They're pretty as a picture, one of the prettiest things he's ever seen.

Khamsin. River/Simon one-sided, 500 words. River's ice; Simon's not.

Of Kings and Hairy Feet. Gen. Wherein Kaylee suggests a game, the crew gets creative, Mal is grouchy, and Jayne has an epiphany.


All the Pleasures Prove. Arthur/Merlin, 1800 words, explicit. Arthur seeks out Merlin, with only the vaguest notion of a plan.

A Thousand Words Unspoken. Arthur/Merlin UST, 800 words. Armour isn't always about keeping things out.

Amour Courtis. Uther/Morgana, 3500 words, explicit. Uther is plagued by regrets after his day's trial, and sleep does not come easy. Especially when Morgana looks in on him.

Bitter Like Chocolate. Arthur/Gwen, off-screen Arthur/Merlin, past Gwen/Morgana, 4000 words, explicit. Gwen and Arthur, the evening of their wedding celebration. It might not be perfect, but it's not all bad.

Gathered Rosebuds. 8000 words, Gwen, Arthur, Morgana, gen, pre-series. Before Merlin, there was still life in Camelot. Before Merlin, there was still her father, and Morgana, and Arthur.


More Like Magic, McGee/DiNozzo, ~20,000 words, explicit. When Tony goes undercover to investigate a company that might be using reservists as mules, he quickly figures out that to get inside, he'll need to open the lid on a part of him that he's kept locked down tight for a very long time.

Putting On a Show, McGee/DiNozzo, 2000 words, explicit. Tim and Tony have a talk in the car. (Or, a further exploration of why Tony's throat was suffering from 'overuse' in 8.05.)

A Merry Little Christmas, McGee/DiNozzo, 1800 words. Tony's trying to figure out what to get Dolores. McGee is inspirational in more than one way. (Tag for 7.10 Faith.)

Damage over Time, McGee/DiNozzo, 10,000 words. Tony just can't stay away. Episode tag for Love & War.

Better than the Scouts, Abby/Tony, 700 words, explicit. Pegging.

Dress Rehearsal. Abby, 400 words, mature. Abby tries out her new purchase.

The Hinky Story. Abby/Tim, other imagined pairings, 3000 words, explicit. Tony: I hear you closed the deal with Abby under some pretty hinky circumstances.
McGee: She told you that? Did she, uh, tell you the hinky thing was her idea?

Leg Work. Abby/Tony (/Tim), 1000 words, explicit. Sequel to [personal profile] kageygirl's After Hours. He really didn't expect the conversation to end like this.

Crime Scene Investigation. Tony/Tim (/Abby), 1000 words, explicit. Sequel to Leg Work. Tony gets caught at the scene of the crime.

Continuing Education. Tony/Tim/Abby, 2500 words. Their movie nights have never ended up like this before.

Buoy. Tony/Tim, 1600 words, explicit. McGee gets sent to the USS Ronald Reagan for a case.

5 Sneaky Kisses (Tim/Tony, PG to R): Relieved, Not Quite, Insert Aerosmith Reference Here, Gay Chicken, and Bait and Switch.

The Hell With Plans, Anyway. Tim/Tony, 1000 words. Two months into his assignment on the Reagan, Tony gets called back to DC.

* Office Romance. Tony/Tim, other past pairings, 12,000 words, explicit. In the aftermath of Tony's deep-cover assignment, Tim tries to help Tony move on, but Tony's romantic past might prove too great an obstacle.

Egyptian Cotton. Tony/Tim, 2000 words, explicit. (Prequel to [personal profile] kageygirl's Digging It Out.) Established-relationship porn on a cold morning.

* Four Ways They're Found Out (And One Way They're Not). Tony/Tim, 1000 words. The title says it all.

Field-Tested. Tony/Tim, 400 words, explicit. A wall and a very in-command Tim.

Resolved (co-authored with [personal profile] kageygirl). Tony/Tim, 2000 words, explicit. They've been dancing around this too long for it not to become inevitable. Especially when a little bit of old-fashioned wrestling between friends gets involved.

Objects in the Mirror. Tony/Abby/Tim, 2000 words, explicit. Tony gets a proper send-off before his trip to the security conference.

Peace. Tony/Tim/Abby, 400 words. Tony was right where Tim figured he'd be.

A Girl's Best Friends. Tony/Tim/Abby, 6500 words, explicit. Abby loves a good party. She's determined to see that Tony and Tim have a good time, too.

The Stable: A Beginning. Various pairings. So, once upon a time [personal profile] malnpudl said something like "what if the Director was the Madame of a brothel?" And I went "ooooooh!"

Remember the Follow-Through. Tony/Tim, 3000 words. Tim thinks he might regret pestering Tony into giving him undercover lessons. AKA, the 'guys play pool' story.

Drinking Games. Tony/Tim (/Abby), 1000 words. Individually, Abby and McGee are clever and sneaky. Together? They cracked the Pentagon. Tony really should have known better.

Five Ways Twilight Doesn't Go Down. Gen, 500 words, R for violence. Kate doesn't die.

Random Fandoms

Bend It Like Beckham: California Dreaming. Jess/Jules. Sometimes the hardest part of growing up is figuring out what you want.

Bend It Like Beckham: Five Gifts. Jess/Jules. 5 gifts between them, post-movie.

* Brimstone/Dogma: Divine Comedy. Gen. When Zeke tracks a demon to a strip club in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, he gets more than he bargained for.

Battlestar Galactica (new): Iocasta In Waiting. Laura/Lee UST, Laura/Bill, Lee/Kara. Laura thinks about the most important people in her life, and how they will be remembered.

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Nemesis, Part Two and Three Quarters. Chuck/Bryce. Nebulous future fic where Chuck and Bryce get stuck in a dire situation together. With Indiana Jones references.

Coldfire Trilogy: Last Watch. Very subtle Tarrant/Vryce UST. A moment from When True Night Falls, as Gerald watches over the camp.

* Die Hard 4.0: How Enos Finally Caught Daisy (Or, Possibly, The Other Way Around). John McClane/Matt Farrell, 3700 words, explicit. John's not afraid to try new things. He just likes to take his time, when he can.

Eli Stone: Anything Is Possible. Eli Stone/Jordan Wethersby, 16,000 words. Eli receives a vision that strikes even closer to his heart than usual, and he finds himself reevaluating his whole world.

* The Invisibles: In All the Old Familiar Places. Maurice/Hedley (and canon pairings), 2000 words, explicit. Maurice has never had a morning after a job quite like this one.

* Kinky Boots: Exception to the Rule. Charlie/Lola UST, 2100 words. One more dance.

* The Magnificent Seven: Not So Tepid. Chris/Ezra, 1600 words, explicit. After a day on the trail, Ezra finally gets his bath.

Ocean's Eleven/Twelve: Strawberries and Voodoo. Danny/Rusty/Isabel, 1500 words, explicit. Danny sees him again in New Orleans. Their definitions of 'around' aren't the same anymore.

The Quick and the Dead: Counting Birthdays. Gen, 1500 words, R for violence. There are measures in her life. They aren't the usual ones.

The Rundown: Very Good Things. Beck/Travis, 2500 words, explicit. Immediately after. Well, okay, ten to twelve hours after. (More or less.)

Thoughtcrimes/Boa vs Python: Saturdays Are For New Things. Brendan/Emmett, 2000 words, explicit. Brendan finally makes his move..

Ugly Betty: Champagne Dreams. Amanda/Christina, 800 words. Amanda really loves champagne. Set immediately after the first season finale, while they're still trapped in the dungeon.

Ugly Betty: Something New. Marc/Daniel, 2700 words. Betty gets married. Angsty/fluffy future fic.

Vampires: Los Muertos: Los Vivos (Mas o Menos). Derek/Rodrigo, 2400 words, explicit. Two years on, the gang's back together. Derek just hopes it stays that way.


Big Love. Big Guy/Henry, past Big Guy/Helen, 9000 words, explicit. What's your curse?

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?, Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, 4000 words, explicit. Another storytelling session sets Helen and Will off on a mission digging through her mementos--and Will finds more than he could hope for.

Improv, Blues, and All That Jazz. Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, 5000 words, explicit. After being rescued from the rig, Helen and Will are stuck in New Orleans for the night. Will can't let go of their earlier argument, and Helen has plans that don't necessarily sit well with either of them.

Pranayama. Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman, 900 words. He only has minutes. (Set during the penultimate scene of Requiem.)

Rollin' the Dice. Will Zimmerman/Declan Macrae, explicit, 2700 words. Magnus assigns Will to help Declan learn the ins-and-outs of the Sanctuary after he arrives from London.

Caen. Kate Freelander/Declan Macrae, explicit, 4000 words. After leaving Will and Magnus at the hospital, Kate and Declan are in search of a night's rest--and maybe a little peace of mind. Tag for 'Carentan'.

Top of the World. Kate Freelander/Declan Macrae, 1200 words. Kate's never been on a mission quite this...romantic.

Damned If You Don't. Kate Freelander/Nikola Tesla, 1600 words. It's just another mission. If only Tesla weren't in charge.

Folie à 'verse: Master list of stories here. Co-written with [personal profile] kageygirl, most stories explicit. Will embarks on a poly V relationship with Helen and Henry.

Stargate Atlantis

McKay/Sheppard -

* So Blows the Wind. 31,000 words. A what-if AU in which Teyla Ascends before the expedition ever dials Atlantis, and so John never wakes the Wraith. Instead, he and Rodney stumble upon a little Ancient device that changes their lives dramatically. Five years on, things aren't going all that smoothly--until a certain being decides to put her hand into things.

Risk Assessment and Management (And Other Heart Math). 1500 words. Anticipating every single way something could go wrong was an impossibility--but then again, Rodney had done the impossible before. A short, silly, sappy story.

Feels Like the First Time. 700 words. John and Rodney on yet another planet. *g* Established-relationship kisses.

Near, At Hand (Imminent). 1200 words. John and Rodney on just another planet, being a little cranky. And maybe a little sweet.

Budding. 700 words. Bad first date schmoop.

* eHarmony. 4500 words. "Wait. So you're saying that the women in this room are all competing for a chance to be with me, and I don't have to marry them?"

Celestial Navigation. 1400 words. A moment on the Daedalus between John and Rodney, set near the end of Aurora.

In the Silent Water. 40,000 words, explicit. Set after Season 3, with supposition for season 4 that makes it AU. Unaware that danger lurks below, John struggles to get Atlantis operational on a new planet, while dealing with the added burden of Elizabeth's command and the unwelcome presence of Rodney's ideal woman, Samantha Carter.

A Day in the Life. 2500 words, explicit. John woke up horny.

Accidentally In Love. 17,000 words, explicit. John still doesn't quite understand how one crazy assumption completely turned his life upside down. But that's okay. He's pretty happy, all the same. A John/Rodney falling-in-love story.

Snow. Just a tiny atmospheric ficlet.

Cobweb Afternoon. 900 words. Immediately after. (Spoilers for 'Sunday'.)

* A Yellow Wood. 2000 words. John and Rodney in the 'Road Not Taken' universe.

Five Porny Ways the Team Said Goodbye: John and Rodney. 1000 words, explicit. Set in The Return Part 1.

Infinite and Unforeseen 2000 words. Rodney needed more than small touches right now. He needed to hold John, and be held, and he sure as hell wasn't going to get away with that in front of witnesses.

* Shadowing the Surface. 1000 words, explicit. They've learned to take the unexpected gifts, no matter how strangely shaped the package.

A Kind of Natural Thing. 6000 words, explicit. Rodney's got a predicament. John figures that he should give his best friend a helping hand.

Five Times John and Rodney Didn't Mean To Have Sex, But Kind Of Did, Anyway. 1000 words, explicit. What the title says.

Definition of Unsubtly. 4000 words, explicit. John and Rodney get stranded on a planet together. Rodney's cranky, pissed, and sore--until John offers him a backrub.

If At First You Don't Succeed.... 500 words. Some days, Elizabeth felt like she was caught in the middle of a Hope and Crosby routine.

Depth of Need. 6000 words, explicit. While on a mission to find Ancient technology, John and Rodney trigger something that triggers...something between them. Now Beckett has to figure out what's going on.

Nothing Like the Real Thing. 1000 words, mature. Guys' night out always leads to talking about kinky shit, right?

Reparations. 1500 words, explicit. The team goes back to check up on the children's planet, and Rodney manages to get himself into an interesting situation. John takes advantage.

Payback. 2000 words, explicit. Rodney gets a little of his own back. Sequel to Reparations.

Hands-On Research. 1000 words, explicit. Rodney shows John a few things about his own body.

Critical Mass. 400 words. Title as in 'reaching critical mass between them', not as in the episode.

Pop Psychology. 6000 words, explicit. Rodney's not sure about the changes to the team make-up. It takes him a while to figure some things out.

* At Sea. 1000 words. Tag for 'Trinity'.

Experimental Method. 1500 words, explicit. Rodney finds something in one of the labs. He gets John to help him investigate.

Stepwise. 2000 words. John doesn't know how to deal with the fallout. Written as a Season 1 finale tag, thus goes AU.

McKay/Sheppard & Other (Background pairings, threesomes/moresomes, previous relationships) -

Gifts Unasked For. 43,000 words, explicit, John/Rodney/Teyla. Goes AU after Season 1. After the Wraith capture Aiden Ford, the command of Atlantis gives him up as lost. But his teammates aren't convinced--they're willing to go the extra mile to get him back.

Five Encounters John and Rodney Have. 6000 words, John/Rodney/(Teyla), explicit. Small interludes following Gifts Unasked For.

Lustration. 1000 words, unrequited Keras/Sheppard, implied McKay/Sheppard. Tag for Childhood's End. He lets himself look, because there is no reason not to do so.

Scorecard. 3000 words, explicit, Elizabeth/Rodney, Elizabeth/John, John/Rodney. Love. Sex. Need. Strength. These things don't necessarily go together. Elizabeth has to figure that out on her own.

And I Am There. 30,000 words, John/Rodney, minor Rodney/OMC, past Rodney/Elizabeth, mature. John's vocation takes him all over the world in search of miracles. He doesn't expect to find much when he's sent to interview Rodney McKay, a man apparently afflicted with the Stigmata--the wounds of Christ. Instead, he finds much, much more than he ever dreamed. An Atlantis/Stigmata fusion.

* Things That Go Bump in the Night. 1000 words, explicit, John/Rodney with background Teyla/Ford. John hears something in the night.

Five Porny Ways The Team Said Goodbye: OT4. 2500 words, explicit, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla. Set in The Return Part 1.

* The First Cut (Still Bleeds). 1000 words, John/Rodney unrequited, John/Lorne UST. Rodney never shows up for that beer.

The Hottest Blood of All. 20,000 words, explicit, John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Lorne. A joint mission with Lorne's team seems harmless enough--but that's how they all start, isn't it?

Gen -

Pour It Open. 3200 words. Teyla shares an Athosian ritual with the team after John returns from Earth. (post-Outcast.)

* Angels in the Architecture. 6000 words. John isn't sure of his place in the universe after Carson makes a surprising discovery.

A Strong Tea. 900 words, warning for sensitive subject. Charin had made certain Teyla would always remember this recipe, even if it made the lines around her eyes draw into tight furrows of sorrow each time Teyla repeated the words.

Time Is Always Time. 300 words. Elizabeth thinks at the end of Before I Sleep.

Other slash -

Five Porny Ways the Team Says Goodbye: John/Ronon. 1600 words, explicit, John/Ronon. Set at the end of The Return Part 1.

Canvas. 1700 words, Lorne/Zelenka. Radek has more testing to do, now that they're on a new planet. Lorne goes with him.

Femslash -

Silk Tree. 800 words, Teyla/Elizabeth. Elizabeth learns more about the flora of her new world, and may learn more about other things.

Waking Up Rapunzel. 13,000 words, Teyla/Sora. On a simple shopping expedition, Teyla spots an old acquaintance, and gets pulled into a convoluted plot she can only try to talk herself out of.

Other threesomes or otherwise unclassifiable-

A Night at the Opera. 5000 words, explicit, Ronon/Teyla/Elizabeth. Aliens didn't make them do it. They just encouraged nicely. With a fruit basket.

Huddle. 2000 words, Elizabeth/Radek/Lorne. They're trapped in an ice cave, oh noes! What to do?

A Curious Affair; or, Teyla Gone Wild. 6000+ words, explicit, het, femslash, and slash pairings possible. An off-world mission goes awry (as they do), leaving Teyla with insatiable urges. But who will she end up with in the end? You decide. AKA choose-your-own porn.


* Exposed. 1000 words, Ronon/Elizabeth UST. His eyes make her feel naked.

* Showmanship. 700 words, explicit, Weir/Sumner. "Show me," he says.

Personal Allocations. 500 words, Elizabeth/Radek. Elizabeth thinks about her connections to the science contingent. Can be read as a prequel to Enlightenment.

Enlightenment. 500 words, Elizabeth/Radek. She doesn't know why she underestimated him.

Where Credit Is Due. 1500 words, Elizabeth/Radek. He traces the beginning back to one insufferable Rodney McKay.

Unshadowed. 1000 words, Elizabeth/Radek. Even if they must obscure it, their love is unshadowed.

Cracked Lens. 300 words, Radek/Elizabeth unrequited, hints of other pairings. It is raining today on Atlantis.

A Certain Shore. 1000 words, Elizabeth/Radek. He is not a brave man, and he knows this.

* Brown Paper Packages 1500 words, John/Teyla. John's never tempted for himself.

Five Porny Ways the Team Said Goodbye: John/Teyla. 2000 words, explicit, John/Teyla. Set in The Return Part 1.

Five Porny Ways the Team Said Goodbye: Rodney/Teyla. 1000 words, explicit, Rodney/Teyla, voyeur John. Set in The Return Part 1.

* Physical Therapy. 700 words, explicit, imagined Teyla/Bates. Bates has issues.

Security. 600 words, Teyla & Bates. Teyla says goodbye.

New Things. 1000 words, Teyla & Lorne. Lorne brings her new things.

So Petals Moulder. 1500 words, Teyla/Halling. As the team bond over shared stories of their youth, Teyla remembers what was.

Chiromancy. 300 words, explicit, Teyla/Carson. She notices his hands.

Five Men Teyla Emmagan Was Never Attracted To. 2000 words, 5 imagined pairings and a smidge of McShep. Teyla is used to sublimating.


(I Never Promised You A). Dean/Cas UST, background Dean/Lisa, 3000 words. Dean tries to talk to Cas about the shit that's going down with Sam--but Cas can't seem to focus. Tag for 6.05.

By My Darling Abide. Gen (John/Mary), 2000 words. Mary doesn't forget.

Wish You Were Here. Dean/Ellen, Dean/Castiel, 700 words. His visits are pretty much normal these days. Just like everything else. Spoilers through season 5, especially Dark Side of the Moon.

Teen Wolf:

Ticket To Ride. 3600 words, Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, explicit. In which there is a little issue of parking tickets, and the resolution thereof.

Words Whispered By Firelight. 6700 words, Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale, explicit. Stiles wants to try something; Derek isn't so sure it's a good idea.

he pushed inside and made me new. 11,000 words, Lydia Martin, Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore, explicit. They go back to school in the fall and everybody acts like nothing happened. That's all right. Lydia could have an Oscar someday. If she wanted one.

Miss Fanny Bright. 2900 words, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski.When Derek doesn't show up to the pack's Christmas party, Stiles is determined to drag him out of his funk.

That's What Friends Are For. 6000 words, Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski, explicit. Somehow, Scott wound up on the wrong end of genderswapping spell. Turns out, it's not all bad.

Not Quite the Bradys. 13,500 words, Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall/Allison Argent, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd. Melissa just wanted their first Thanksgiving together to go perfectly. As if.

Birthday Boy. 37,000 words, Stiles/Danny, Stiles/Lydia, Stiles/Isaac, Stiles/Allison/Scott, Stiles/Erica/Boyd, Stiles/Derek, EXPLICIT. In which Boyd has a proposition for Stiles, and then it all just spirals from there. —or— The one where everybody in Stiles' circle wakes up and realizes he's hot as fuck.

Wash Me Clean. 38,000 words, Stiles/Derek, EXPLICIT. Derek doesn't know what the alpha pack is planning, so all he can do is keep watch on everyone they might target. Stiles is so not on board with that plan. Somehow their clash of wills leads to a sexual relationship Derek knows he should put an end to—if he can just get himself to do so.

White Collar

Bare. 3000 words, Neal/Peter (off-screen Peter/Elizabeth), explicit. Peter isn't sure if Neal's in this for good; Neal doesn't like that Peter doesn't trust him. They find a way to fix it.

Not Your Reflection. 4000 words. See header for pairing and warning information. When Elizabeth wakes up, it's not in her own bed.

If It Makes You Feel Good. Peter & Diana friendship, Peter/Neal UST, Peter/Elizabeth, Diana/Christie, possibly pre-Peter/Neal/Elizabeth. Diana takes a moment to confront Peter about his own obsession with the music box.

Burke's Two. Peter/Elizabeth, explicit, 1500 words. "I want you to go, and I want you to buy me some flowers. You know the ones I love. When you walk through the door, I want you to kiss me. Then you're going to sweep me off my feet, and you're gonna make love to me. Can you do that?" -Elizabeth, Burke's Seven

Old, embarrassing shit:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Sweet Tooth. Willow/Fred, 800 words. Fred knows sugar is bad for you.

* Buffy/Pirates of the Caribbean: Forty (Tongue) Lashes and a Bit of Parley. Anyanka/Captain Jack Sparrow, 1500 words. Anya reminisces about one of her more unusual calls...

Buffy/X-Men movieverse: Hand Full of Ash. Tara/Rogue, 10,000 words. After Tara dies, her soul is swept away into a different universe.

X-Men movieverse: Eating Cherries in the Snow. Logan/Marie, Charles/Erik, Bobby/John. Rogue looks for something, Logan waits. There is a beginning for every decision in everyone's life.

Multi: Five of Victoria's Secrets. Four little underwear ficlets featuring Rogue from the X-Men movieverse, Mathilda from The Professional, Jess and Jules from Bend It Like Beckham, and Hermione from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter:

Combinatorics. Hermione/Sirius (explicit one-time), Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Severus, hints of other pairings, 18,000 words, explicit. When wishes come true, there are always consequences that must be dealt with. Written pre-OotP.

This Wonderful Life. Remus/Sirius, 1000 words. Sirius thinks about a wonderful life.

(And just for kicks, I'm starring * my favorites. Because I wanna.)


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